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10 Things We Love About The Triumph Street Triple Moto2 Edition

Aug 25, 2023Aug 25, 2023

Triumph now offer a genuine Moto2 wolf in street bike clothing

Motorcycles are dream machines for us, some more so than others. But some of us are crazy enough to dream about race bikes that we can’t have unless we become professional racers, buy off a MotoGP team, or wait for a brand to launch a super exclusive homologation model. Usually, these race-spec machines come with a massive price tag, aggressive sport bike ergonomics, and impracticality for the streets. They aren’t the best option for someone looking for a race bike for the streets.

Fortunately, Triumph is generous enough to listen to the crazy few looking for race-spec street bikes. The Triumph Street Triple Moto2 Edition, backed by Triumph’s Moto2 pedigree and expertise, brings a near Moto2 experience packed in a street bike. This limited version of the iconic Street Triple is what dreams are made of, and it can be your race bike for the streets. Apart from its limited number, there’s a lot to love about this special bike. We wish we had more of these!

After looking at the manufacturer's website and reputable sources, we've put together this list of ten reasons why we love the Triumph Street Triple Moto2 Edition.

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The Street Triple 765 is one of the best naked motorcycles of 2023, but it’s also common. Triumph’s balanced thrill draws many bikers to the brand, many of whom choose the Street Triple — it’s fast, versatile, and glorious. But what if you want a similar experience but a little exclusivity? That’s what the Moto2 Edition offers. The Street Triple Moto2 Edition is a rare motorcycle, with only 765 of them produced, and it stands out from the crowd. The Moto2 Edition is the ultimate Street Triple, coming with not only excellent performance but a unique Moto2 screen and an individual number on the top yoke. It gets you all the street cred to make you feel special.

The Street Triple has a reputation for being a neutral yet incredible motorcycle; it’s the epitome of a one-bike garage, thanks to its road manners. And the Moto2 Edition builds on this reputation even further. This motorcycle comes with top-spec Öhlins suspension, a lightweight cast aluminum chassis with an optimized center of gravity, and grippy rubber, which make this bike a precise weapon on the track and the streets. It’s wild how well-mannered the bike handles: it’s neither too sharp to be scary nor too numb to be boring — it’s the right amount of crazy.


Aluminum beam twin spar frame


Cast aluminum, 5 spoke, 17 inche

Front Tire

120/70 ZR 17

Rear Tire

180/55 ZR 17

Front Suspension

Fully adjustable Öhlins NIX30 with 115mm wheel travel

Rear Suspension

Fully adjustable Öhlins STX40 piggyback reservoir monoshock with 131.2 mm wheel travel

Remember the Triumph Daytona 765? It was one of the best track motorcycles, but Triumph pulled the plug on it too soon. Fortunately, the Street Triple Moto2 Edition gets us closer to the Daytona experience than any other motorcycle. Gone are the wide handlebars of the regular Street Triple, replaced with clip-ons that load the front end, a shorter wheelbase of 55 inches for better turn-in rate, and the ever-responsive 765 engine. The Street Triple RS was already an excellent track machine, but the Moto2 is a different beast altogether, thanks to a few minor changes that make a lot of difference. This could be your track bike for a long, long time.

Track bikes are usually not the most practical motorcycles, but don’t say this to the Street Triple Moto2 Edition — it will get offended. This special Street Triple variant is surprisingly comfortable despite the aggressive ergonomics. For example, the clip-ons are low but not a far reach, thanks to the slightly smaller fuel tank, the rear-set foot pegs don’t push the feet too high into the thighs, and the seat is hard enough to support your butt. And let’s not forget the Öhlins suspension that eats up the undulations like it’s made for city streets and not track use — remember to set it right. Yes, it does feel a little harsh at low speeds, but once it gets up to speed, the bike settles down and shows others who's boss.

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A motorcycle’s versatility is not just limited to comfort but also character. The Street Triple Moto2 Edition does not sacrifice either. While the motorcycle’s engine is exhilarating, it can also feel at home on city streets. Yes, it’s got the racing DNA, but it’s a “Street” Triple, so it would be a sin if it can’t handle the streets. You can use this motorcycle for your everyday chores and commute without feeling like you’re trying to tame a wild beast — it’s a beast, no doubt, but it’s friendly and will listen to you. In other words, the engine is tractable and easy to live with; it’s not manic and reliable.

Seat Height

33.03 inch


55 inch


23 degrees


3.75 inch

Tank Capacity

3.96 gal

Wet Weight

414 pounds

Triumph’s Moto2 program inspires the Street Triple Moto2 Edition, so it’s no surprise that one of the biggest inspirations lies in the engine department. The Moto2 Edition’s 765cc engine produces 129.98 horsepower @ 12,000 rpm and 59 pound-feet @ 9,500 rpm. This is made possible with a higher compression ratio, new pistons, valves, camshaft and conrods, better intake, and fresh gearbox ratios. The 765cc engine is in its most responsible and exciting state of tune, and if ever Triumph decides to bring back the Daytona supersport, you wouldn’t be wrong to expect this state of tune in it. It’s so lively.

Engine Type

Liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder






129.98 @ 12,000 rpm


59 pound-feet @ 9,500 rpm

The Triumph Street Triple is one of the best-sounding motorcycles due to its triple-cylinder growl and the induction roar, and the higher compression and better combustion only bring out the sound better. It’s like the upgrades cleared up the engine’s throat. The result is a hair-raising sound that will push you to break all speed limits just to hear the engine scream, and the induction roar is better than ever. We’d pay 50% of the money just for the sound.

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The Street Triple Moto2 Edition is loaded with rider aids and electronics that make the bike safe to ride and enhance your experience. The cornering ABS and traction control are better optimized for spirited track days, the riding modes feature upgraded throttle maps, and you can configure this bike to ride the way you want. All this is controlled via a comprehensive 5-inch TFT display that’s intuitive and fancy; it’s even got Bluetooth connectivity and a USB socket. It’s not the most tech-savvy motorcycle, but it has enough bells and whistles to help you without feeling like electronics are riding the bike more than you.

The Street Triple Moto2 Edition is premium in both style and components. Talking about style, the Street Triple Moto2 Edition feels more aggressive than its standard trim due to the new panels, stubbier fuel tank, nose-down poise, cleaner lines, and radiator cowls. The Moto2 Edition is a sight to behold. The design is accentuated by carbon fiber parts, Moto2 branding everywhere, and premium components like Öhlins suspension and Brembo Stylema brakes. It’s the perfect amalgamation of form and function.

Think of a special edition motorcycle; what usually comes to mind is new color schemes, carbon fiber bits, fancy components, and a heftier price tag. But the Street Triple RS ticked many “special edition” boxes. The Moto2 Edition is everything that made the Street Triple RS so good, but it adds more cherries on top than you can count. With the Moto2-derived engine, fully adjustable suspension, potent brakes, improved handling dynamics, better electronics, and excellent sound — the Moto2 Edition is the Street Triple to get if you don’t want to compromise on anything. It’s simply the best, only if you can get your hands on one.

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